If I told you that I love you
would you stay?
Would you believe me or is this just a game We’d play?
If I told you theirs something in you that brings out something in me..
Could you and I ever be… we?
If my smart mouth could be silenced by yours.
Lips in motion without any words.
If my heart lifted straight out of my chest,
Could you imagine that you and I could be best?
If my brown eyes could become a deeper blue,
Would you believe that I’m good for you?
If you could ever feel the way I feel,
Can we believe this love is real?

If I fall fast,
Can you forgive me my past?
If I stand still,
Will you feel as I feel?
If I sit in silence,
Can you calm this violence
That rages inside?
If I no place to run
Will your arms be a safe place to hide?
If I ever said any other love was the truth,
Would you believe I lied?
Though I’ll admit I’m not one to dance,
I’d waltz
If you gave us a chance.
I’d say thanks to that of above,
If you agreed that this could be love.


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