Reality of “love”

I spend all day wishIng I was with you
Up all night dreaming about what it’s like to kiss you
Love I just wish you,
Could see me
The real me
not the me that anybody wishes me to be
The me I wake up every morning to
If I was every lucky that me could be you
Our love could be true
But since it’s just a fairytail
you might as well throw Mickey and Minnie in there too
Unrealistic goals set by unrealistic people
But I’d abandon a life time of reality for a second with you
I won’t play
this love may not be real
But real in feel is as close as I can get
And as long as I’m delusional enough
To dream of this false reality
I can’t quit
Insanity runs through my veins
Like poison shooting through my brain
What a sick twist that my heart breats in vain
Broken down soul to blame
Harsh reality you can’t even remember my name
Cryin shame
What could of been
What never was
Heart shattered
End game
Just because